Revolutionary war reports. I am going to assign several students the same person or event they can link together and edit each other. A class wide revolutionary "wikipedia" of sorts.
They can link events to people and add to each other in preparation for fort Stanwix. What do you think?

---Sounds like a plan. I can find materials for research. Let me know who you choose. Or they could all talk to each other - ask each other questions as the characters. Is that too much thinking for them??

What should we use this page for?

Can we discuss good books and recommend books to others?
I think the blog covers this.

Should we use it to build a report on a subject that the students are studying?

We can start a topic - like rocks or African Americans or Astronomy or whatever you are studying, and have students edit and add to the topic as they work.

For example - We can ask how the solar system has changed now that Pluto is no longer a planet. Can they write a desrciption of the solar system for the library to replace the outdated books?