(uniform of the revolutioary war)
There are four revolutionary armies the Americans the British the French and the Germans .The colors of the Americans are blue, yellow. black. and white.The British colors were red, white and black.The French's colors were white, yellow, and black.The German's colors were blue, red and gold.George Washington wore a different uniform he wore a blue coat with yellow straps and white pants. George Washington wore a black hat with a red and white puff on the tip of his hat.General Howe wore a different uniform as well as George Washington. General Howe wore a red coat with blue straps and black gold hat. His uniform was very stylish.There were two types of horse back riders called Dragoons they were British and Americans. The american dragoons were from Virginia .The British dragoons were from England. The American Dragoons started 1776.The green mownton rangers help the Americans.The green mownton rangers had aother name to thier athuor name was the green mownton boys they were called that in the battle of bunker hill.In the Americans revolution the Americans had spys they werd a very tan shirt and hat. they were also snipers to help out when the Germans and british. And thats reaserch on uniforms.