WHO IS SYBIL LUDINGTON ? Sybil Ludington is like the female Paul Revereof Danbury. She alerted the people of Danbury that the British were burning the place were the soldiers could get food and fresh clothes. Her father was a colonel in the war. WHY DID SHE GO ON THAT RIDE? Well the night of April,26,1777 there was a knock at the door. It was a messenger. They brought him in there house and gave him a blanket to get him warm and dry. The messenger told colonel Ludington that the british were coming and that he needed to alert his soliders and the people of danbury. Colonel ludington needed someone to alert the people of danbury because colonel Ludington couldn't alert his troops. The messanger said he would go but then Sybil said she would go because she could see he was too wet, too cold and way too tired. WHEN WAS SHE BORN? Sybil Luding was born in 1761.