The New York Stamp Act in 1765.

The Stamp Act required stamps on newspapers, legal documents, pamphlets, and playing cards and other things made with paper. After the tax was paid it got an ink stamp. If the item was made of paper it had to have a special seal. The wars with French costed England a lot of money for soldiers, weapons, and forts, to pay off their debts, the English decided to tax the colonists for sugar and paper.The tax on paper was called the Stamp Act, because a stamp had to be put on all paper matrials to show that the tax had been paid.The colonists were angry about the taxes.They didn't think it was fair to have to pay taxes that they hadn't voted for. Then in October 1765, men from nine colonies met in New York City at a meeting called the Stamp Act Congress.The Act took effect in November 1765, who did not elect members of parliment, opposed to the act not only because of their unable to pay the tax. The colonists decided they wouldn't buy any goods that came from England.In 1766 , he cancled the Stamp Act. New York's Stamp Act Congress had won. The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliment.The British Parliment was to provide the funds that were necessary to keep the peace between the settlers and the Native Americans.The Stamp Act required Americans to buy special water watermarked paper for newspapers and all legal documents.The Stamp Act sponsered by George Grenville, was the first direct tax imported by Britan on it's American Colonies. That is my report on the New York Stamp Act.

By DaJi

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