Soldiers in the revolutionary war sang songs to keep them going while they were tired and marching. Some songs are the stories of what happened. A song of the revolutionary war is Battle of Saratoga. The song battle of saratoga geos like this "come unto me heros,and I the truth will tell concerning many a soldier who for his country". ( that's not all). Another song of the revolution is Bunker Hill. It was made the year of the battle of Bunker hill. This is how it goes "why should mortals tremble at the sight of death and destruction in the field of battle, where blood and carnage, were blood and carnage, clothe the ground in crimson, souding with death- groans?"
Yankee doodle goes like this "father and I went down to camp along with captian gooding and we saw the men and boys as thick as hasty pudding". This is the chorus "yankee doodle keep it yankee doodle dandy mind the music and the step and with the girls be handy". The British sang yankee doodle to make fun of the patriots, but the patriots turned it into a song they would sing. Liberty song is another song of the revolution. It goes like this "come join hand in hand, brave americans all, and rise your bold hearts of fair libertys call;no tyrannous acts shall suppress your just claim or stain with dishonor americas name". These are other songs. Battle of the kegs, the Cruel war, Free America and Pual jones. I got my information from folk music
(a revolutonary war drumer)