No one knows who started the war but some people think they know. They have their differences. They had a spy go over to the British side, but some people died because the Americans found out that the British were coming to take all the amunition from lexington'sstore house. Some people said that the British started the war, but some people think the Americans started the war because of the farmers did not know how to us theregunsbut they had no uniforms but the farmers had to take the clous off of the did people.

Sougers the bouts becaues they did not have eney money they saga on there way to the war pont so they whant on and on then the bitsh were plning to take all there guns. So then they whent to the bish they had there guns so then they thout that the we were going to run away. Then the whent to a pont to were they wre going to tiy and stop the war but they did not they wrer to lat because some one started the war.