Molly Pitcher
Back at the time of the Revolutionary War women's lives were very different than they are now. When people think of their lives
they think of housewives who stay home and take care of the house,
food, and kids while the men went to war. That's true, but many also were important in the war itself. One of the most important was Molly Pitcher.

Molly Pitcher's real name was Mary McCauley (aka Mary Hayes). Molly's
nickname came about because of her way of bringing pitchers of water to thirsty soldiers after she followed her husband to war in 1778. That was not were her good actions stopped. When her husband fell at his cannon, she took his place and started fireing. She was the second women in history ever to fire a gun. After that at the Battle of Mamouth, she went home to PA. Later, she was given a metal and and made a unoffical officer by General Washington himself! Molly Pitcher's brave work would forever make her an American heroine.
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Molly works the cannon that would make her famous

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