Shoot01_r1.jpglex2.jpgThis is a page on Malitia. Malitia are the voliterd army. They wore there cloths so they did not have uniforms. They were on the Americans side. The Battle of Yorktown had malitia even the Battle of Lexington and lots of overs like Battle of Saratoga. They had rifles And over weapons. malitia were the first ones to run from the Battle but the over soldiers in Battle will stay longer befor runing or they don't run at all. Most of the army was militia. Army positions were inportant for mostily the Bridish. Militia Can be farmers, Blaksmiths, Leatherworkers, Miners, WoodWorkers, Bakers And Haircuters or other things you can think of. They are not some times trained to fight. militia Were to run if they are loseing a battle or the bridish had there banets. Militia could fight one battle then can go home if they live. militia did not get much food. If men were bad they would get wiped by the cat of ninetails or other wips. This is my