What did the people eat back then? The people back then ate a lot of corn and other things like lobsters,clams,rabbits,squirrels,bears,and deer.Some of the families kept a few of pigs so they could have bacon,pork,and sausage.Did you know that corn was almost made into a lot of things like boiled corn, rosted corn,corn pudding, and corn cake.
Did you know that people back than cooked beans into a
or porridge and they even ate bean porridge hot and cold too!
Any ways during the summer,colonists picked fruit that grew wild, such as blackberries ( left ) and blueberries ( right ) and in the summer colonists also gathered starwberries,blackberries,huckleberries, and blueberries too.Did you know where the american colonists got their food? Well, they got their food from several places like the modern supermarket that we know to day, where you can get all kinds of food, but that was not an option back than.Farmers who grew wheat, barley, corn, tobacco, or rice hauled their crops to a town market, where the crops were sold to people in that town or to traders who would ship the goods to ohter coloniees.Back then people ate meat, chicken and seafood twice a day.They also ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in season.Most families had a cow, chicken, and duck.People back then had grow their own vegetables and neighbors traded with each adults drank tea or cider.Did you know that many wonderful recipes have been handed down through generation
. Back than did you know what the british ate? They ate devon clotted cream and scones,ambrosia,birds,bathelors,colemans mustard,heinz baked beans,john west,haywards,shippams, tate and lyle, little pickle and spice chutneys and relishes.Back than did you know what kind of meat the people ate, well they ate different kinds of meats like chicken, beef, steak, and ribs too.Many american colonists also took care of their own food needs.It was not uncommon for a farm family to have crops growing near the ocean while chickens, pigs, and cows were grazing nearby and for that same family to fish for clams and other fish down at the oceanside.