ursula_003.jpgDeclaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was supposed to declare the war already started without permission. The Declaration of Independence was now written to have freedom from Great Britain.It took a long time for everyone to agree.So on June ,2nd,1776 they had a vote,but half said yes half said no. The Declaration of Independence was written by:Thomas Jefferson.Then it was signed by of course Thomas Jefferson other people signed the Declaration of Independence like:Benjiman Franklin,John Adams
,Robert R. Livingston,and John Hancock.The Declaration of Independence was excepted on July,4,1776 which is that day is called Independence Day the day in which we had independence from Great Britain.Once the soldiers found out about the independence they took down the monument of King Geogre 3rd.

July 4, 1776
July 4, 1776

This is the presentation of the Declaration of Independence.


1.The American Revolution
2.The Declaration of Independence
3.Give Me Liberty!
4.You wouldn't want to be at Boston Tea Party
6.We the people/The Declaration of Independence
7.Fight for freedom
8. Everybody's Revolution