The Boston Massacre was The trial of the British soldier was on 24,1770.Almost all the people testified.All of them remembered that night differently.Only one American said that there were only 70 Americans in the street.He said that they were angry but there was not dangerous.He said that the Preston soldiers attacked them with bayonets.The Captain Preston said that there was 400 Americans on the King street that night.On March 5,1770, a fight broke out at the custom house in Boston.Five of the Americans named the event Boston Massacre.Crispus attucks was the most first man to actaully died in the Boston Massacre.He was part of the Native American and they were part of the African American.A statue honoring Attucks stands in Boston common, they had the largest park in Boston.The other victim of the Boston Massacre were Samuel Gray,Samuel Maverick,Patrick Carr,and James Caldwell.Maverick died the day after the Massacre, and then Carr died several days later.The British soldiers Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Kilory were found quily of the mans laughter for the deaths ofCrispus Attucksand Samuel Gray.They could have been executed for their crime.Under the British law,however,they were allowed to be ask for special treatment.Instead of they being killed,each one of them had a mark burned onto his right thumb with a hot iron.After the Boston Masscre, Samuel and John Adams continued to play important roles in America's struggle for Independence.Both wrote important articles about explaining how, British policies hurt the colonies.Samuel was one of the first Patriot leaders to call for Independence. John later became the second President of the United States.In colonial times, British law did not allow gathering of more than 12 people in the streets.By reading aloud a law called the Riot act ,a British official could break up the crowd.