yorktown.jpgThe Battle of Yorktown, the Americans had 8,800 in there army, The French had 7,800 and the British had 6,000. 8,800+7,800=16,600. The uniforms were, The British had red coats, The French had white coats, German had Blue coats and The Americans had Blue coats but the Malitia men had there coats.
The Americans Began formal siege operationson the eastern side of Yorktown. on30th september and on october 9th were sufficientiy colse to began an artillery Bombardment. The weapons of the Battle of Yorktown go to the link to find out well for the war. Army positions well go on this link it find out. The Americans won the battle and the last of the war. The Songs of the Revolution Helped the Men to keep them fighting. The Battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the war and TheBattle of Lexington was the first. The turning point of the war is the Battle of Saratoga. Minutemen, Light infentry, and militia. The American Revolution at the end of the Battle of Yorktown was over. Ships of the Revolution were inportant. The French Had Ships the Rebals or Americans did not. Food was inportant. The Stamp Actwas a led to war. This is the map of the Battle of Yorktown.