Battle of Saratoga
The battle of Saratoga was fought in New York. General Burgoyne had a three-point plan to beat the Patriots in the battle of Saratoga. One of the British generals noticed that General Washington was in Pennsylvania. So he went to Pennsylvania instead of going to Saratoga. The Patriots ambushed General St. Leger in the Battle of Oriskany. So that left Burgoyne to fight the Patriots alone with his troops. The Patriots beat the British. By wining this battle. This was called the turning point in the war. The battle of Saratoga was very important because it was the first time people thought differently about the Patriots. The French later joined the Patriots because they now thought the Patriots had a chance to win. The Patriots wore blue uniforms. The British wore scarlet uniforms. They won a battle after that and then lost at the Battle of New York. They didn't know yet that they would later win the Battle of Yorktown and the war. One of Generals was Benedict Arnold. After this he joind the British. He also almost got captured by General Washington. map2.gif Map found at Battle saratoga I also used saratoga campaign I also used a book called Colonial Life in the war in New York[Battle of saratoga].Battle saratoga 3. A +